killian/holly ☼ 20 ☼ they/them

hey y'all i'm holly and i'm a...

weird psychic ☼ sword enthusiast ☼ cat angel fairy witch ☼ dimension hopper ☼ irredeemable bitch

my special interests are rwby and bnha! i'm also really into yugioh, percy jackson, voltron and fma:b!

i also love astronomy, cats, crows, the sun, spring, flowers, roses, gold, pink, swords, fairies, magic, and witches!

i really want to make friends but i struggle in social situations so if you reply to my tweets / message me / interact with me a lot that helps encourage me to do the same!

see this page on my old tumblr for a more in-depth about

qpps: serena and alice!

☼ * ☼